Sizwe Dhlomo, NOTA React To AKA’s “Lemons” (Lemonade) Track

After a brief hiatus, Kiernan  “AKA” returned to the music scene with a new single titled “Lemons” (Lemonade). The number is more like an introduction to an imminent project dubbed “Mass Country.”

The reactions to the jam have been pretty mixed, with many of Aka’s fans praising it as a great track. Some think the track is no good, however. A mixed bag, apparently.

Among those who have reacted positively to the song so far is local entrepreneur Sizwe Dhlomo. In a recent tweet, he called the number the greatest from so far. You can check out the tweet below.

In contrast, music executive and culture critic Lavida NOTA described the song as trash and AKA’s worst track to date. The song has created what he called the “lowest moment” among the Megacy (as AKA’s fans are known. Below is his tweet.

NOTA is a fierce critic of AKA, so perhaps his take on the musician’s song shouldn’t be surprising at all. Also, the Supa Mega isn’t the only one who has come under NOTA’s missile.

At any rate, is confident in the number he has created and is gearing up to release a new album for the Megacy.

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