Sjava Explains Newcastle Performance

winner musicians has clarified how his Newcastle, South Africa, performance happened after a fan shared a clip of the performance with a misleading caption.

The fan had claimed in the caption that the had performed for the kids in the clip after they helped clean his apartment Β after it was ransacked by looters. Responding to the claim, the “uMama” muso described the fan’s it as untrue.

According to him, the clip was in fact taken at a friend’s car wash. There, a group of kids had recognized him and begged him to sing for them, and he obliged. In the clips, one of the kids had suggested he sing his “uMama” song, and he did.

South is currently under level 4 lockdown, with all live performances suspended. But the kids get to have a live performance from one of the most recognizable faces in South African music and at no cost, too.

Those who saw the clip commended for giving the kids exactly what they demanded form him, although nothing was planned.

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