Sjava’s Umama Hits 7M While Blaq Diamond’s Love Letter Hits 1M Views on YouTube

Sjava's "Umama" garners 7 million views, while Blaq Diamond's "Love Letter" reachers 1 million on YouTube

Sjava records 7 million views with his video for “Umama” while Blaq Diamond’s “Love Letter” hits 1 million views on YouTube.

Imagine creating a video for a song and it gains up to a million views. That’s pretty incredible. Now, imagine if you even got 7 times that incredible one million. Your mind would be blown to tiny bits.

There are so many ways to record success with released music, either by its digital sales, the number of streams it garners, or even the amount of plays it gains on the radio. That’s exactly how artistes get to know how much their music is appreciated.

Popular duo, Blaq Diamond recently took to Instagram to share the news of their song “Love Letter” raking in a total 1million views in just two weeks.

They weren’t the only ones celebrating at the time because Sjava was also thanking fans for helping the video for his song “Umama” hit 7 million in views.

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