Slikour Shares His Life’s Stories In New The Book “Slikour: The Life Story Of A Hip-Hop Pioneer:

He has been in the music industry for decades and many consider him one of the pioneers of the hip-hop wave in South Africa. These days, though, Siya Metane (long famous by the adopted stage name Slikour) is to be found blogging about music and culture.

There is so much to Slikour’s life and so much to tell. What better way to give a glimpse into that life than by writing a book about it?

Well, the songster and entrepreneur has just opened the doors of his life to anyone who would come in. His book “Slikour: The Life Story Of A Hip-Hop Pioneer” gives great views into his life, from when he was nothing – an obscure artist – to when he became famous as part of a group called Skwatta Kamp.

The group has come through thick and thin (as the cliché goes) and lost members but manages to retain a united front = a gratifying reality compared to what one has seen of other groups in the Rainbow Nation.

Anyway, if you are a Slikour fan and whats to know him on a deeper level, or you just want to understand the band in which he found fame, then you should make it a point to check out his memoirs.

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