Solo Announces Name Change, Returns For His Trilogy Of Dreams

Solo announces name change as he returns to the theatre for his trilogy of dreams.

South African rapper and producer, Solo, is proud to announce that he would be changing his name and launching his second hip hop theatre play that will be held in Soweto, in July 2020.

Following the success of The Dreamers ABC’s at Joburg Theatre, which was held last year in December, the production will return to the stage from Tuesday 23 July- 26 July 2020, at Soweto Theatre. The Dreamers ABC’s is named after Solo’s album trilogy that the rapper completed with the release of C Plenty Dreams last year in September.

The announcement was made no longer after the rapper decided to change his name. He now bears Solo Ntskizwa Ka Mthimkulu. Solo Ntskizwa Ka Mthimkulu Production remains the first hip hop story that is narrated on stage with the narrative derived from the three albums released by Solo Ntskizwa Ka Mthimkulu. The hip hop story is a theatrical depiction of his three albums, Dreams A Plenty, Dreams B Plenty, and C Plenty Dreams.

Once again, the theatre play will be a collaboration between Solo Ntskizwa Ka Mthimkulu and the Soweto Theatre, as a way of presenting an artistic and modern format of storytelling in hip hop and theatre. It will also feature songs from his three albums and some special guests are expected to join the rapper for the theatre experience.

Sharing his excitement with the media and friends, Solo Ntskizwa Ka Mthimkulu said:

Evolution for artists comes in different ways, for me it is to once again show case my life narrated with hip hop and with this name changes. What we have decided to do together with the Soweto Theatre, is to bring this story back to the theatre stage for a little longer. The response to our first show was incredible, I’m looking forward to bring this to a bigger audience in July.

His second hip hop theatre play will run for a short time at the Soweto Theatre in July 2020. So, ensure you grab your tickets!

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