South Africans Confused After Master KG & Makhadzi Hint They Are Back Together

Master KG’s on-again and off-again relationship with fellow singer has left many South Africans confused, with many noting that only the two musicians know what they are really up to.

But what’s happened this time? From ’s Facebook page has been released a post accusing Master KG of cheating on her. The “Jerusalema” hitmaker’s phone number was also shared with the public.

Master KG apparently saw the post and posted a message on the same platform noting that he and have split. When the post was brought to Makhadzi’s attention, she defended him, saying the songster wanted to show his support for her upcoming show.

also denied she had put out the posts accusing Master KG of cheating and also revealing his phone number. She claimed her account was hacked. Master KG himself had also claimed that someone had compromised his account as well.

To the public, the two had issues in their relationship but managed to patch things up quickly before they degenerated into something worse. And that left some South Africans confused, with many wondering out loud what the two could be up to with their on-again and off-again relationship.

Would anything change in the coming days?

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