Stogie T Reacts To Accusations Of Only Inviting Nasty C To Do A Hook And Never A Verse

Stogies responds to fan who accused him of only inviting Nasty C to do a hook and never a verse

Stogie T replies a fan who accused him of only Inviting Nasty C to do a hook and never a verse.

If you’re going to call SA’s Freestyle king out, be sure he’s going to respond. The talented muso has always had a thing for “There They Go” rapper, Nasty C and has been very vocal about it.

In a previous interview, he called the rapper’s talent, “out of this world”. However, we have never actually seen him drop a full track or even go bar to bar with the Zulu man. A twitter user recently manned up and stated the obvious.

In a tweet, he stated how he found it interesting that Stogie “always invites Nasty only to ask him to do a chorus or a bridge and never a verse”. Although he wasn’t tagged, it prompted a reply from the rapper who wondered why he didn’t just ask about it instead of “jumping out the window with an assumption”.

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