Stogie T Reveals YoungstaCpt Had Recorded 21 Mixtapes In Just A Year Before They Met

Stogie T revealed he got 21 mixtapes from Youngsta CPT while he was still an up-and-coming artist.

Youngsta CPT is one of those artist in the game that have made a lot of progress since his debut. The rapper once said he released a lot of mixtapes before he became known in the industry. Stogie T has now validated his statement with the revelation.

Stogie T made it known that when he met Youngsta CPT, he rapped about his grandfather Red heart and after handed him his 21st mixtape.

See the post below;

In other news Stogie T’s make rap music great again Friday freestyle session is gradually becoming a huge hit has it is seeing performances from Top MCs and the emergence of female MCs who SA has not had the opportunity of listening to before. The last session featured great performances from the likes of Ma E, Casey Jay among others.

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