Stranger Things Actress Millie Bobby Brown Stalked By Fan

Stalking is nothing new on this side of the world. It didn’t start today and definitely wouldn’t end tomorrow. But then is never a pleasant experience for the stalked — as Millie Bobby Brown found out recently. 

Dalian Martin, 26, had barged in while Millie was recording a podcast in London, a court heard. It wasn’t the first time he’d intruded in such a way, however. 

According to court papers, Martin has no fixed address and had twice in the past popped into filming locations where Millie Brown was recording a podcast and filming for Netflix. 

He had reportedly provided false information to security to gain access each time and ultimately reach Millie. The reasons for his actions are unknown. 

With the Dalian encounter, Millie, who played the character Eleven in Stranger Things, joins the league of celebs who have been stalked in the course of duty. And like other celebs, she had done what’s considered appropriate in the situation: alerted the authorities. 

It remains to be seen if this will be the end of Dalian’s trolling. The case ending in court will most likely serve as a deterrent to her stalker. Still, as a fan noted, it’s an unpredictable world really. 

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