Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” Album Breaks Spotify Record

It is the dream of almost every musician out there to break records throughout their career. But of course, only a few get to become famous to break records. Well, among them is the singer Taylor Swift, a well-known record breaker. And she has just done it again.

The songstress was gearing to release a new album days back, and fans waited with fevered expectancy for the compilation. When it was eventually released, they “rushed it” – as the saying goes.

The result, which Spotify confirmed, is that Taylor Swift broke the record for the most-streamed artist in a single day in Spotify history with the project “Midnights.”

Of course, as someone had joked, this project will certainly not provoke a blackout in the lives of those who should listen to it.

Interestingly, Taylor Swift has said nothing about her new milestone on her Instagram page at the time of writing. Still, the record must surely be exciting news for her as it has been to most of her fans, who have been celebrating it since,

Given how dedicated she is to her art, maybe it is safe to say this is just the beginning of greater things. Who knows? Congratulations are in order for the singer.

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