Tebogo Lerole Accepts Losing Khanyi Mbau In Sad Letter

Khanyi Mbau’s immediate past ex, Tebogo Lerole, appears to have realized he’s lost her forever, Khanyi having found love in the arms of Zimbabwean businessman and alleged fugitive Kudzai Mushonga.

So smitten is Khanyi Mbau with her new man that she has been showing off pictures of him on Instagram and praising Mushonga’s tribe (Shona). Just recently, she tattooed his name to her thigh and showed of her new ink on Instagram.

The picture of her tattoo intrigued fans, who loudly asked her ex (Tebogo Lerole) what he has in mind regarding Khanyi Mbau at the moment.

Khanyi Mbau and Tebogo Lerole dated for 10 – reportedly her longest relationship yet. Along the line, they’d parted ways, with Khanyi stating that letting go of him was a difficult decision for her.

Well, with Tebogo Lerole choosing to air his thoughts, via Instagram, about Khanyi Mbau’s new relatinship status, it is clear, he also feels a sense of loss at no longer having her as his own. He wrote a long Instagram past while sharing a video of them together in happier times.

In the post, it was clear, he has accepted the fact that Khanyi Mbau has got another man, who might end up her husband. Mushonga has reportedly started lobola negotiations.

So here goes…
If you genuinely know me you’ll know how I [HATE] being dragged in the media especially for impractical rationale [she knows it too].
I am not a personality and unquestionably not a celebrity either, I am a black man raising a daughter/nephew in this exacting world. The media has previously classified me all types of characterizations… HEAR ME OUT loud and clear I will not fracture, I have the strongest family support that money cannot afford nor buy.
Up above is a clip I believed to be my/our own perfect/imperfect family and for once I believed this world would end with us standing by each other’s sides. I love M and M2 profoundly, just thinking of moments and our journey leaves me giggling. I don’t know how I lost the both of them, however I cherish and will always cherish the day the Creator tangled our paths. She is an amazing human and has such an adorable smile – she must constantly glitter.
I am grown enough to accept defeat [full stop].
I would like to wish her, nothing but success in her journey and lastly please cut her and myself some slack. Love is beautiful and we tried…

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