Thapelo Amad Steps Down As Johannesburg Mayor

What’s with the spate of resignations currently rocking South Africa’s political orbit? Johannesburg mayor Thapelo Amad is the latest politico to throw in his resignation. But why did he decide to resign? The details are still emerging.

However, it is common knowledge that he decided to give up his post a day after he was expected to face a motion of no confidence during a special meeting. Clearly, he wasn’t okay with facing that motion. So he thought of a “better” way out – that of handing over his resignation.

His stepping aside brings to mind all over again what had hap[[ened in the city of Tshwane, whose mayor also resigned, leaving the city unable to get a replacement for some time.

Thapelo Amad’s resignation has already been accepted, with Gauteng premier Panyaza Lesufi thanking Amad for displaying “selfless” leadership. He also praised the former mayor for “preserving the interest of local government units and the people of Johannesburg above his personal interests.”

With his exit, the way is now paved for the city to pick a new premier. At this point, it is uncertain who that will be. But Johannesburg could do with a new mayor as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

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