The Andrew Tate-Greta Thunberg War – Detailed (Video)

Carbon emission is one touchy subject that has continued to resonate around the world with the Swede Greta Thunberg among those in the vanguard to reduce emissions and protect the climate.

While she has earned the commendation of millions around the world, and mordant cynicism from others as well, her latest social media with former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate appeared to have taken the front burner.

in a recent tweet, Tate, a noticeably polarising figure mentioned the climate change activist, noting that he has 30 cars, and asking her to send her email address so he could give her the total emissions from his fleet.

The Andrew Tate-Greta Thunberg War - Detailed (Video) 2

The mordant note wasn’t lost on Greta, who was equally acerbic in her response. Sharing Andre Tate’s tweet, she had asked the bod to enlighten him and gave her email address as smalldickenergy [at] getalife dot com.

The Andrew Tate-Greta Thunberg War - Detailed (Video) 3

Of course, that email doesn’t exist. But the message wasn’t lost on anyone, including Andre Tate himself. In a follow-up tweet, he thanked the climate change activist for confirming via her email that she has a small dick.

He ended up saying that he agreed she should get a life. There, he had returned the dagger lobbed at him.

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