The Layabouts & Imaani – Stay (Slow Jam Remix By Trust SA)

The Layabouts & Imaani’s “Stay” tune has a splendid remix in the hands of Trust SA. The result is: “Stay (Trust SA Remix).”

If you’re a keen follower of South African music at all, you probably already know that the Rainbow Nation is the African hub of mixes and remixes. Yeah, musicians from that orbit enjoy remixing the works of others. And it’s hard to find another country that does it like Mzansi. But that’s by the way.

“Stay (Trust SA Remix)” bears as my h sinews as the original track. So you should have no trouble taking both with you and having a blast.

It’s easy to spot that the remix bears some fidelity to the original. But, of course, we don’t expect everyone to throw their hearts for them both. Still, they’re charming numbers worth the playtime.

For the music buffs unfamiliar with Trust SA, this song not o ly serves as a fine introduction but also presses forward the creative gift of the songster and creates a hunger for what might drop next from his orbit.

It’s near impossible to listen to this jam and not somehow crave more. You’re in luck, though. You indeed wouldn’t be rebuked, a la Oliver Twist, for asking for more.

The Layabouts & Imaani – Stay (Trust SA Remix)

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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