The “Love Island” Bombshell You Cannot Miss

Those who think social media doesn’t have much power would have to have a rethink following the bombshell revelation from ITV Unscripted boss.

“Love Island,” the reality show that many people have become so fond of, is not broadcast as it is. Apparently, heavy editing is done and that is essentially based on the prevailing narrative on social media. In other words, what social media says determines a lot about what is shown.

This much was revealed by no other than Angela Jain, director of unscripted U.K. at ITV Studios, during a sit-down with Channel 4. She noted that part of the team is monitoring social media to understand how viewers are responding to the content. This goes a lot to determine what is changed and what isn’t.

Love Isnald is an immensely popular dating show, especially with young people, some of whom see themselves among the contestants in the Majorca villa. The show was rebooted in 2015 and brings together young contestants aged between 18 and 27.

In the plush villa where they are marooned, they would get to relate with each other and see where that leads. Some memorable relationships have been built out of there, and more will likely be built out of the platform.

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