The Masters: Tiger Woods Confident about Playing and Winning

The Masters: Tiger Woods Confident about Playing and Winning


A year after a ghastly accident in which he was severely injured, Tiger Woods has not only recovered, he’s confident about hitting the field again, playing in the masters – and winning.

Returning to the field and winning would be unprecedented in his career. And it would be a moment forever remembered because just last year, after the accident, his doctor at some point weighed amputating his right leg. It was that bad.

The golf ace played several practice rounds at Augusta National and is confident about popping in the Masters Tournament, golf’s most significant platform, and winning.

In the spirit of a comeback, Woods would tomorrow, Thursday, tee off in the first round of the Masters.

Speaking at the Augusta National Golf Club, which has hosted the event since 1934, Woods said that he felt like he was going to play.

If all goes well tomorrow, Thursday, he’ll be on course to getting his sixth green jacket, a garment bestowed on Masters winners.

After a long time away from the game, it will be interesting to see how Woods comes out of injury and take on the world of golf again. A win would push him close to Jack Nicklaus’s record.