‘The River’ Star Lawrence Maleka Shares Secrets To Thriving In Showbiz

Former “The River” star Lawrence Maleka has opened up about the secrets to having a thriving career in showbiz.

Some say it isn’t easy to have a thriving career in showbiz. Some have achieved this effortlessly and stayed relevant for decades in the entertainment industry. Appearing in a recent interview on Metro FM, former “The River” star and TV host, Lawrence Maleka opened up about the secrets of having a great career in showbiz.

He said, “It’s consistent work, I’m a workaholic. You can beat me at everything else, but not the work. As a human being, I’m flawed, but not when it comes to my craft. There’s absolutely nothing I don’t know about TV, radio, or even music. When it comes to the domain that is entertainment, I double dare you take me on.”

He also spoke about his versatility in the entertainment scene, across Radio, TV, and hosting events. TimesLIVE also reports that he reflected on his two DStv MVC Awards (Favourite Television Presenter and Ultimate DStv Viewers’ Choice) last year.” He said it’s because of his connection with SA TV watchers.

“Having walked away with two awards on the night, what stood out for me is, again, I reiterate, it’s testament to the work. It became clear that to the viewers, the people at home, the work I do, people resonate with it, and for me, that’s the most important thing.”

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