The Slimes Join A-Reece As He Celebrates His Music Catalog

It’s been years since he manifested on the hip hop scene in South Africa, and A-Reece is more than pleased with the progress he’s made so far.

In a recent tweet, the “Zimbali” hitmaker spoke of his catalog and the milestones they have crossed, insisting he couldn’t have gone this far without his supporters.

Easily one of the most recognizable voices in South African hip hop, A-Reece had the attention of his fans, who celebrated the milestone he’s reached with his catalog.

One of his supporters even insisted that the songster is the Cornerstone of South African hip hop and also the GOAT in the game. You can check out A-Reece’s tweet below.

By the way, previously trills had claimed that A-Reece’s career nosedived following his exit from Ambitiouz Entertainment. Others had claimed that he hadn’t released a hit in years, was snipping endorsement deals, and never shows up for show.

To this “haters,” he insists that he’s still the champ in the game and he’s still around, too.

A-Reece appeared to have taken his own path, working with only those he wished to. He’s also not particularly active on social media, but whenever he posts something, he instantly snaps the attention of social media denizens.

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