The Weeknd Drops Album Release Date, Cover & New Song “After Hours”

The Weeknd Reveals New Album Release Date And New Single

The Weeknd reveals release date for upcoming and releases a brand new single.

The Weeknd is back, and we’re sure his fans are already going crazy for this new update. The singer who is known for his piercing vocals and verg unique music has announced plans to drop a brand new next month.

Earlier on, he made a huge come back with the number one charting “Heartless” and the very resilient “Blinding Lights”. While the songs are still slugging it out on the charts, he has revealed the title of his upcoming to be “After Hours” and also released its title track.

He has also revealed that the would feature at least 13 tracks including the previously released “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights”. The new album would be a follow up to his previous one “Star Boy” which was released back in 2016. He announced the release date for the album to be 20 March 2020.

Listen to after hours below:

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