The Wife Showmax: Viewers Talk Abdul Khoza And Zikhona Sodlaka (Mandisa)

Money matters. Most people prioritize it over friendship and else. This assertion somehow played out in the soapie The Wife Showmax.

Nqoba is unimpressed with Mandisa’s spending habit, and he attacked her because of it. Yup, that hothead of the Zulu brothers thinks didn’t spend enough money on him, and he attacked her over it.

Mandisa’s isn’t surprising. After all, as one fan of the soapie had observed, she is only a soon-to-be wife. He hasn’t gotten the full tag yet. So she’s at liberty to be as feisty and crazy and fearless as she pleases.

was played by Zikhona Sodlaka. As far as some of her fans are concerned, she’s a hit with the she’s playing – beautifully embodies it.

On the other side of The Wife Showmax fence, Abdul Khoza is repping the guys pretty hard. As far as some viewers are concerned, he’s the of the soapie and it may as well stop without him. You can check out the reactions below.

While The Wife Showmax has managed to retain viewers interest since its premiere, but has been facing sporadic criticisms, with some viewers accusing the scriptwriters of turning a love story into a crime tale.

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