Thembinkosi Mthembu Praised For Splendid Acting As Dingiswayo In Shaka iLembe

Mzansi Condemns Explicit Scenes In Anticipated Series “Shaka Ilembe” Trailer

The series Shaka iLembe is currently trending on South Africa’s Twitter. Actually, it has trended sporadically ever since it was first announced. The series, which tells the story of Shaka, one of the greatest of the Zulu kings, also gives insights into another worthy king Dingiswayo.

The Dingiswayo character was played by Thembinkosi Mtjembu who, by his own admission, made it a point not to watch previous Shaka flicks or read anything about them, so that he could give his role a unique angle. He did just that and the reception for his acting has been pretty positive.

According to one Twitter user, Dingiswayo aced the role and has given people more than enough reasons to keep an eye on him in new episodes. His opinion was shared by many others who only praised his kingly disposition and how he contributed to the greatness of King Shaka. you can check out some of the comments below.

In retrospect, Mthembu’s decision not to watch anything relating to SHaka before taking up the role of Dingiswayo has paid off. And at this rate, it appears like Shaka Ilemne will be in the consciousness of many historical flicks lovers for a long time to come.