#TheTouchDown: South Africa Excited as Tbo Touch Returns to Metro FM

South Africa’s media personality is trending on as he returns to to anchor a show dubbed The Touchdown – an obvious play on his adopted stage name. Fans love it anyway.

The radio ace was previously part of the station but left years ago. Of course, he had already created a great impression as a radio presenter and had such a loyal fan base that it was only a matter of time before he was dragged back to that turf. His return to radio was even celebrated by leader Julius Malema, who likened him to a legend that cannot be stopped.

When he was away from Metro FM, he’d pursued several personal initiatives and even linked up with DJ Fresh, DJ Euphonik, and DJ Sbu to found a radio station called Fired FM.

The friends had adopted the name because they were all fired from their presenting jobs at different stations.

His return to has many of his fans asking what would be the faith of the radio station he had announced in collaboration with his pals. Here’s what fans are saying about and his return to Metro FM, his old home.

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