#TheWifeShowmax: Viewers Sticking it Out Thanks to Hlomu and Zandile

The Wife Showmax is currently in its second season. Ordinarily, this should be cause for celebration as it shows that fans are following the series. Here, though, the opposite is actually the case.

Online and offline, viewers think there have been radical changes to the storyline and that they are not “feeling” what is playing out before them at this point. 

Some have given up already. But some would not give up on the telenovela. If they no longer vibe with the storyline, they at least find pleasure in watching some of their faves and how they turn up for each scene. 

Among the favourites so far are Khanyi Mbau (Zandile) and Hlomu. Most viewers not only think her a great actress; they count her as a reason they are still watching the series despite the apparent change in the storyline, from a love story to crime. 

Hlomu is another reason the viewers show up for each episode. Also, they think the actor pairs well with Zandile. 

While opinions about The Wife appeared to have changed from rapture to doubt, at this point, it doesn’t run deep enough to tank the telenovela’s rating. It remains to be seen what changes will follow in the coming days. 

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