“This is actually dope” – Pearl Thusi On Costa Titch’s New Merch

Mzansi dancer and rapper Costa Titch has got new merch alout, and fans are excited about it, particularly Pearl Thusi. 

In a recent post to Instagram, the “Nkalakatha” hit maker had informed fans of the new merch in stock. He presented them in such a beautiful way that fans did not fail to notice, as well as compliment the beauty of the merch

One of those who spotted the charms of the merch was television personality Pearl Tbusi. She was in the comment section of Costa Titch’s post to let him know just how delight she was in his new merch. You can check out her response, as well as images of the new merch, below. 

By the way, another celeb who has shown interest in the merch is the Namibian singer Kurzca. In the comments to Costa Titch’s post, she had described the merch (hoodie) as a must, and that she needs them.

Also, Fans who tag friends in the comments to Costa Titch’s post stand a chance of winning a hoodie.

Well, what do you think of the new merch from Costa Titch? Are you, like Pearl Thuso, excites about it? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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