TK Nciza & Fiancée Lebo Phasha’s Spicy Bedroom Secrets Revealed

While some ladies are averse to the idea of sharing their man, there are those who have no problem with that, especially if it will make the man happy and make him stay as well.

This seems to be the reality of TK Nciza’s fiance Lebo Phasha, who is ready to accommodate her man’s fantasies to ensure he is happy.

The two, who are set to get married, revealed this side of their relationship in recent videos shared on social media. Phasha sees nothing wrong in her man’s demands, and even encourages others to try it because it is “fun.”

The clip divided netizens, with many wondering why she should want to get down with a man who wants a threesome. Some noted that she is merely devaluing herself, especially as he had not even married her yet; and even if he should marry her, what are the chances they would be together forever?

Anyway, the couple has made their choice in the way they want to spice up their bedroom, and there isn’t much the public can do about it. You can check out the posts below.

There are those who prasied the couple for the courage to share their story, however.

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