TNS Breaks Up With Baby Mama

South African music producer has broken up with his girlfriend and the mother of his son. The songster announced the breakup in a recent post to Facebook.

Funnily, some people have been congratulating him for now being single. Amused by it all, the songster had wondered if the wave of congratulations was for real.

On why he broke up with his baby mama, the songster had noted that he’d reached a place in his life where he had to decide on what he had to focus on – his music or a relationship. He chose the music.

He claimed that there were no hard feelings between him and his baby mama and that they had broken p amicably. Now, according to him, he’ll be focusing on his music so that he can make more to take care of her and their son.

While claimed that his breakup with his baby mama was amicable, it does not cover the fact that they had fought previously and TNS had had to apologize for abusing her.

TNS, who’s in his 20s attained fame after he collaborated with on a song titled “Club Controller.” He has been in the consciousness of the music-loving public ever since.

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