Towdee Mac Deprecates Gender based Violence in new Tune “That Was Me In The Womb”

If, like me, you’re susceptible to the slaps of emotion, you will certainly get emotional listening to “That Was Me In The Womb,” an ode to a foetus that never made it due to gender based violence.

“That Was Me In The Womb” is a song well imagined and finely played. Gender based violence is rampant in South Africa, Towdee Mac’s country of provenance. In dropping this number, he has reignited the debate on the subject of gender bsed, bringing the attention of many to a seething tragedy.

Towdee Mac is one musician conscious of his choice of words and his tone of voice. This is obvious in this song and in previous releases from him. The song in review, “That Was Me In The womb” is a fine addition to the corpus of literature on gender based violence, and we recommend checking it out.

For unknown reasons, the songster didn’t upload the song to YouTube. It is on his Twitter page, though, and you can listen to it, as shared by him, below.

What’s your take on this song and Towdee Mac’s position on gender based violence? We invite you to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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