Tshego Says He Is Tired, Needs New ‘Management’

South African rapper,  has revealed that he is tired of being an independent artiste and is in dire need of a new management.

left Family Tree label last year and followed it up with his “No Ties” song as well as the well-received “Pink Panther” album that is still making waves.

While with ‘s Family Tree Records, Tshego found fame and was one of the top names for the years spent with the recpord label. Between 2015 and 2019 when he was at the label, he dropped a number of songs and was a constant feature on others.

Since last year when he left, he has been an independent artiste, running things himself and it appears as if he is now ready to leave the solo life and let somebody else handle his business.

As it stands, it is not exactly clear if he is looking to hire a manager or join a new label but it’s sure that if he is looking to join another label, the offers will be many as he is one of the best at what he does.

His tweet read:

2019 I proved my point. 2020 I need MANAGEMENT so I can bloody relax and focus on just the music. At the very minimum I’m at least 3 different people at the same time everyday. It’s enough now.

Whether or not he joins a new label or hires someone to manage his business will be discovered in the coming days.

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