Tshego Says Riky Rick Saved Him From Abusing Drugs

SA Hip Hop star shares how Riky Rick saved him from abusing drugs.

Don’t you love how podcasts are so revealing these days? We get to hear things we usually wouldn’t in an interview. Tshego’s recent chat on the ESAM podcast has been very explosive and mind-blowing. The Mzansi star shared that the late Riky Rick also touched his life.

admitted that at a point in his life, he was abusing drugs. He said, “When I made Hennessy, I think I was just about to stop the drugs, so I was like an addict, I was on cocaine and cat,” However, he had been struggling to stop until an encounter with the “Sondela” star.

He shared that he was delaying on a beat he was supposed to send to Rick, but a phone call with the late emcee set him straight. He said, “It was Riky and my sister. Riky called me one day. He didn’t know a damn thing right, and I was working on a beat and a song for him, and I don’t know what was happening, he needed the files or something, and I just kept delaying,” 

He continued, “I think like on the third or fourth day he calls me he’s like (“boy I don’t know what’s going on with you but just let us know if we must give up on you hey”) that one hit me.

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