TT Mbha Organized Soweto Youth Golf Day Cancelled Due To Protest

Soweto Youth Golf Day organised by TT Mbha cancelled due to unexplained protest.

In TT Mbha’s words, it is truly a sad day in South Africa seeing all that is going down in Soweto today. What should have been a celebration of the Soweto Youth Golf Day turned out to be an unexpected protest by people in the town.

According to video shared by the entrepreneur, the event which was put together to empower, teach and employ the youth in Soweto was cancelled. The video shows blockages put up by the people in Soweto to restrict access to the Country Club where the event was scheduled to hold. According to Mbha, tires were also being burnt to keep people away.

He urged the people to stop Black on Black hate as it would only profit them nothing. He also adviced people who were meant to attend the event to stay away from the vicinity for their safety. Watch the videos below.

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