Tumi Morake Rises To Nonku Williams & Ex-Lover RD’s Defence

South African media personality Tumi Morake has risen to the defence of two of the guest that showed up for her show recently – Nonku Williams and her former lover, Dumisan “Rough Diamond” Ndlazi.

Nonku’s relationship with Nlazi was of great interest to the public when it started and even after it ended. Many South Africans had warned Nonu to steer clear of the man because, according to them, he is a shady character who would mess her up along the way.

She ignored them and went on with her relationship with him. They broke up much later. It is alleged that he cheated her out of the money they made from a government tender and dumped her cold. Nonku herself had reportedly engaged the police authorities to recover her money.

Well, Tumi Morake wanted the two former lovers on her show Sunday Sexy Love. She schooled those criticising the couple and their relationship, noting that life is not perfect and the people to judge a relationship are those in it not outsiders, who might not have a clue what went on in their relationship. You can check out her post below.

Well, for Ndlazi and Nonku Williams, life goes on.

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