Tweeps Argue Who Would Win In A Rap Battle Between K.O & Emtee

Tweeps argue who would emerge victorious in a rap battle between Emtee and K.O.

While it isn’t good to put artists against each other, the Hip Hop scene gets more interesting when rappers face off in a rap battle. Everyone loves to see who would emerge as the winner in such cases.

K.O and Emtee are among the most iconic rappers in the country. They are both known for their incredible talent and have also amassed a large following for themselves. Imagine what would happen when they face off in a rap battle. Now, that’s something we would all want to see.

An SA Hip Hop follower started the conversation when he posted their photos on Twitter and asked fans to decide who would win. Trust that fans of each artist would defend their faves. One thing they all agreed on was that it would certainly be an epic battle.

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