Tyra Banks Has Deleted Twitter Due To ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Exposé

Tyra Banks deleted her Twitter account as America’s Next Top Model exposé neared.

Tyra Banks has packed and moved away from her Twitter account. The former Victoria’s Secret angel has been slammed all over the platform after she appeared the villain for her work on America’s Next Top Model.

Banks has been accused of pushing contestants to the limits on her hit show. She’s said to have gone overboard with her antics to gain more ratings for the show. She has been called out for various heartbreaking reasons, including “body shaming, pushing Eurocentric beauty norms, and unfair criticism of contestants of color.”

Business Insider revealed that several of the show’s alums spoke out about their negative experiences while on it. The recent reports have blown up on social media and caused so much backlash against the iconic model-turned-talk show host. The heavy backlash has resulted in Banks deleting her Twitter account.

Kate Taylor, the exposé’s author, shared the news that Banks had deleted her Twitter account. She previously revealed that she had reached out to the talk show host for a comment, but she had declined. Banks has remained silent since the backlash and refused to comment on the allegations leveled against her.

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