Unathi’s Nude Photos Divide South Africans

caused a meltdown on social media after she shared a nude selfie and wrote about her journey to getting the body she desired. In the said photo. She could be seen sitting on what appears to be a bed, her body aligned to cover her assets.

She had absolutely nothing on. However, her legs were crossed, giving no view of what lay in the middle. She had her left hand on her head, weaves aligned in the same region and covering her left tit. Her right tit was bare but not completely visible because she partially covered it with her right hand, which held an iPhone. You can check out the pic below.

The picture elicited mixed reactions online. While some fans hailed her for her magnificent body. Some mocked her for nudity and for having no values whatsoever. Some noted that her lack of values was why she was fired as one of the judges on the reality show Idols SA.

And yet some of her defenders pouted that those condemning her would conveniently have applauded were the person in the picture a or Gabriella Union; it only takes a Unathi – or a local celeb – for Mzansi to start spilling shi about morality.

What tweeps are saying:

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