Vatiswa Ndara Likely To Play Rosemary Ndlovu In Upcoming Showmax Documentary “Rosemary’s Hitlist”

Valentino Mathibela, the director of the Showmax documentary “Rosemaary’s Hitlist,” has indicated that Vatiswa Ndara could potentially play the role of Rosemary Ndlovu.

There are several names that could potentially play the role. However, Vatiswa Ndara’s name appears at the top of the list of those who could potentially play the role. The imminent documentary illuminates the life of the former cop who killed her family members for money.

Rosemary was convicted for the murder of at least six persons and she is currently serving life imprisonment for her crimes.

But who would be the best actress to bring her character to life? Since Vatiswa Ndara’s name was propped out there, the reception has been pretty mixed. Some tweeps welcomed it with open arms, insisting that she would ace the role.

However, some do not share that view. This category of people believes that a Tsonga woman would be best for the role. Nothing is decided at the moment, though. Although Ndara’s name appears to be at the top of those who could potentially play the role of the convicted murderer, there is no assurance she would eventually play the role.

Anyway, South Africans are watching, and whoever is eventually picked for the role would have to please them with her performance.

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