Vector And MI Abaga Might Face Off Live On Stage In A 40 Million Rap Battle

Vector accepts challenge to face MI Ababa live on stage in a N40 millions battle.

It all began suddenly, the feud between acclaimed Nigerian rappers, Vector The Viper and M.I. Abaga. After a series of backs and forth, the two rappers still do not seem ready to call a truce.

Last week, popular socialite, WillieXO took Instagram to announce that he was willing to drop the sum of #20m to see the rappers slug it out on stage. When none of them reacted to it, he increased it to #30m and still none of them replied. Finally, he increased the amount to #40m at which Vector replied that he had accepted.

The rapper revealed the socialite had called him, telling him how serious he is and convinced him to accept. Which he did.

No one knows M.I’s take on the challenge as his fans continue trying to convince him. We’ll see how it goes though.

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