Video: Black Coffee & His Lookalike Jam At Club In Cape Town

It has been said that each person on earth has at least one other person somewhere in the world who loke exactly the same as him or her – and they may not be related.

Year after year, this claim has proved true in the lives of many, including celebrities. Count South African DJ among those.

Last year, the celebrated international disc jockey had shared a clip of his lookalike jamming to an RnB song. Some fans were surprised by the clip, noting how similar their features were.

Well, when was playing at a club in Cape Town, a man who looked exactly like him had popped into the club. The two shared a brief moment. Although it was somewhat dark inside, their resemblance cannot be missed. You can check out the clip below.

For the lookalike who shared a brief moment with Black Coffee, it was a moment to luxuriate with musical royalty. South Coffee is easily the most celebrated disc jockey of South African provenance right now.

Such is his current musical power and influence that he’s fondly called God’s own. Well, it remains to be seen which other doppelganger will pop into his orbit in the coming days.

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