Video: DBN Gogo Reveals She’s Dating Focalistic

artists Focalistic and are dating. If you’re surprised or even shocked by that revelation, you’re not alone.

The revelation took Mzansi by surprise, and the couple has been a subject of debate since.

The revelation started on Valentine’s day – February 14 – which isn’t even surprising. In a tweet, had shared a clip of herself and Foca, as well as the gift she got from him, indicating they were dating.

Some fans joked that he thought artists only take each other as brother and sister. The fan apparently isn’t used to hearing amapiano artists are dating among themselves.

Another fan joked that is surrounded by presidents. You can check out some reactions from the musicians’ fans below.

Anyway, as a fan had noted, the Valentine’s Day clip from was beautiful and the songstress the day for revealing her lover was just auspicious.

By the way, in case you missed it, Foca recently hit the studio with Lady Du, Pabi Cooper and others. But it has not been determined what they worked on and when they would be releasing it. Stay tuned.

While DBN Gogo is happy to announce her relationship, another celeb, Minnie Dlamini, has announced her divorce.

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