Video: Drama In Court As Longwe Twala Refuses To Answer Questions On Zandie Khumalo’s Testimony

The drama continues in the trial of the Senzo Meyiwa murder case, with Longwe Twala, one of the suspects in the case, unwillingly to answer questions when called upon to do so.

He was in Kelly Khumalo’s family house on the day Senzo Meyiwa was murdered. The “Dance Comigo” singer was there as well, as were other members o her family, including her sister, Zandie, and her mother. But the supposed witnesses of the crime have not been able to agree on what went down.

During the recent court sitting, Longwe Twala was questioned regarding the event of that tragic day. At the same time, Zandie Khumalo’s testimony was read in court, Longwe Twala was questioned about Zandie’s testimony. he would, however, not answer the questions as, according to him, he is in no position to speak on Zandie’s behalf.

He asked that the questions be directed at Zandie herself. When the clip of the court proceeding popped online, it went viral in no time, with tweeps wondering why he wouldn’t speak when he was present at the house and knew what happened.

Some tweeps are of the view that he didn’t want to speak in order not to contradict what Zandie had said, which would provoke further suspicion.

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