Video: Kamo Mphela’s Response To Fan Who Touched Her While Performing

Artistes have to perform before crowds for the most part, and because people get close to them at that point, some fans take things “too far” and do the unexpected – like fondling or touching the stars as they perform.

Well, that’s the case with during a recent performance. A fan had reached out and touched her on the derriere, but the “SBWL” singer quickly slapped the fan’s hand away.

While some social media users found the clip amusing, others thought it an assault and asked that the person who touched her be identified and punished.

This isn’t the first time a celeb had been touched “inappropriately” while performing on stage, nor do we expect it to be the last. Once upon a time, Family Tree rapper Cassper Nyovest’s manhood had been fondled by female fans while he was performing online.

This led to outrage from a section of social media, but Cassper Nyovest had clarified that he actually gave permission for the fans to touch him.

By the way, recently turned 22, and she had thrilled fans with a splendid celebration that many still recall days after. Hopefully, the nonsense that happened while she was performing doesn’t repeat itself.

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