Video: Miyawaki Sakura Introduced as First Member of Upcoming Girl Band LE SSERAFIM

A lot lies ahead for the Korean entertainment company Hype, and things are unravelling fast for the corporation. 

It’s about to introduce a girl band, LE SSERAFIM, to the world and has just made the first step by propping Miyawaki Sakura as the first member of the upcoming collective.

LE SSERAFIM might not be out officially, but the group already has a lot planned going forward. It’s also active on social media. 

The adopted stage name is said to be an anagram for the girl group’s motto, “I’m fearless,” and reflects the group’s resolve not to give up but to fight on determinedly.

While the names of all the group’s members have not been given, Kim Chae Won, Sakura’s former IZ*ONE bandmate, will reportedly be a part of the group.

The plan to introduce LE SSERAFIM has led to excitement in some quarters, with some Hype fans already stating that they see a girl version of the Bangtang Boys (BTS) in the girl group already.

Groups come and go. Some are forgotten, and others go on to live in the hearts of the world forever. It will be interesting to see how LE SSERAFIM make their journey and their impact.

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