Video: Mzansi Amused As NOTA Accuses Estranged Wife Berita Of Stealing His Clothes, Reports To Police

It was a moment of hilarity for many South Africans recently after Lavida NOTA tweeted that his wife wore a piece of clothing someone had gifted him on a visit to New York. He wondered why she should be wearing his stuff while insulting him on TikTok.

To drive home his message and ensure the case is taken up by the authorities, he declared the item stolen and implored the police (by tagging them) to help him recover his property. The post amused South Africans to no end and they made that clear in the comment to his post.

NOTA and Berita, and Afrosoul singer, have been warring sporadically with no end in sight. The music executive claimed that his wife has been possessed by the Illuminati and had threatened his life at some point. He even described her as broke.

She countered by sharing pictures of her penthouse. She also noted that NOTA is a man full of himself and unwilling to listen to others, including his parents. They have remained separated ever since, but NOTA still remembers her and calls her his wife. Berita has not been doing the same. South Africans are only here for the drama, laughing as appropriate.

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