Videos: Keke Palmer Confirms Pregnancy Rumours, Boyfriend Pays Tribute To Her

For actress and singer Keke Palmer, things have gone from the realm of speculation to that of affirmation. Before now, she was rumored to be pregnant. For those who had been spreading the rumors, she came up with an affirmation on Saturday Night Live: she’s indeed pregnant.

The pregnancy bombshell reverberated across social media and fans have been commenting about it since.

Keke didn’t mince words during her opening monologue. She noted that she’s been hearing comments that she’s pregnant, and she was there to set the record straight. “I am!” she affirmed.

Going into some detail about the pregnancy, she noted that it is bad when people spread rumors about one, and even wore when they are correct. According to her, she wanted to keep things on the low. But people would allow that. And here she is clarifying things for the world.

That notwithstanding, she described the pregnancy as her biggest blessing and she is excited about it all.

Her boyfriend Darius Daulton is just as excited about the pregnancy, and he paid tribute to her in a video which you can check out at the end of this post. Keke Palmer is expected to give birth sometime next year.

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