Viewers Compare Thando Thabethe’s Sex Scene With Lungile Radu With That Of The Wife Showmax

The current episode of The Wife Showmax has got viewers salivating. Although Thabethe is not part of the current cast, somehow, she’s trending because of the telenovela.

The Wife had a sex scene that many viewers say reminds them of another sex scene involving Thabethe and Lungile Radu in the flick  Love Lives Here.

And while some fans have applauded the actors of the sex scene in The Wife  fo the courage to so so, others have lashed out at them, wondering why eer they would do it.

Some even brought Thabethe’s boyfriend into the mix, noting he’s pretty strong and shameless to be dating a woman who would have sex on television for the world to see.

Some of Thabethe’s fans are adamant it was just acting and that sex never took place in the scene. But her critics are mostly unconvinced, with some of them citing that Lungile Radu removed her panties during the exercise.

By the way, in th world of acting, sex scenes are notjing novel. But not all actors are courageous to take of the roles involving sex. In the cae of Thando Thabethe, though, some have explained it away as the result of a lack of a husband.

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