Vusi Nova Addresses Alleged Name Change to Snova

is the latest to jump into the wave. But his decision to go into piano music has led to an interesting debate online, with many of his fans wondering why he should change his stage name from Vusi Nova to Snova.

It all started when the afro-pop musician released an song titled “Shuku Shuku” under the stage name Snova.

Unimpressed by the new name, some of his fans had deluged his Instagram page on why he should change the name for which he was formerly recognized. Replying to his fans, the songster noted that he’d not changed the name.

According to him, “Snova” is nothing other than his alter ego. No name change. Speaking the City Press, Vusi Nova noted that he merely wanted to explore other genres, but he remained one and the same person.

Vusi’s foray into adds to the many triumphs the genre has experienced already. For the past few years, amapiano has been stealing artistes from other genres, from to hip hop to dance and electronic. And from the look of things, the staling isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

It remains to be seen what impact Vusi will make in Mzansi’s universe.

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