Vusi Nova Gets New Tattoo, Promises It’s The Last

Mzansi singer, gets a brand new tattoo and promises fans that it is his last one.

Do you have a tattoo? How many? Haha. We are guessing that’s the right question to ask these days. has quite a lot of them, and he just added one more to a very visible part of his body.

Vusi took to social media to share a video of himself getting inked on his right arm. It is the head of a Black cat. And it looks quite calm. He told fans that he had been in the studio recording and had forgotten he’d asked a tattoo guy to come at a certain time.

He assured fans that it will be his last one. We don’t know if he’ll keep that promise but we’ll take it. Maybe this new ink could inspire some new music because that would be even more amazing.

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