Wanted For Fraud, Faith Nketsi’s Husband Nzuzo Njilo To Hand Himself To The Police

Faith Nketsi’s husband Nuzo Njilo would reportedly hand himself over to the Port Shepstone police department which recently declared him wanted for fraud. The South African Police Services (SAPS) had issued a statement on social media declaring Njilo and one other wanted for fraud.

When the news broke out, most South Africans were not surprised as, according to them, they believed all along that he was into fraud – no other way could he maintain the lavish lifestyle he was flaunting all over the place.

Interestingly even at the time, he was declared wanted, his life Faith Nketsi had flaunted him on her Instagram Story, Before them, the couple had reportedly attended a film premiere together.

The story is still unveiling after it was reported that Njilo would turn himself in. This means he would be the one to show up at a police station, not the police picking him up for fraud. This infuriated many South Africans, who felt that he should have been given the treatment the police give to ordinary citizens – arrested and charged with fraud.

Interestingly, Njilo’s lawyer claimed that his client was unaware of the allegations against him and accused the police authorities of acting maliciously

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