Watch AKA & Fiancé Nelli Tembe’s Quad Biking Adventure

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, the South African rapper long famous by his stage name AKA, is having the time of his life with fiancé Nelli Tembe.

The songster recently went on a biking adventure with her, amplifying his love for her and loudly silencing those who wish their relationship would go the DJ Zinhle way.

Nelli Tembe is one lady in whom is well pleased. He’s spoken about her qualities previously, including her homeliness. He just can’t have enough of her. To cement their their relationship, he had reportedly paid her lobola and shared snaps of the meeting of both families.

The happy life has begun for the duo – aor so says, sharing a clip of their bike adventures on twitter, which you can check out below.

AKA’s relationship with Nelli Tembe had not impressed m,any. Some had warned Nelli Tembe to flee or be “used” like AKA’s ex DJ Zinhle. But Nelli Tembe had laughed in the face of those who thought the relationship wouldn’t last.

With her lobola said to have been paid. It is looking like Nelli Tembe is having the last laugh in this case. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts below, if you please.

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