Watch! AKA Just Fell From Another Crowd Surfing Attempt

AKA falls from another crowd surfing attempt

Mzansi rapper, AKA falls from another crowd-surfing attempt.

Is it just us or is Mzansi rapper AKA too hard to catch these days? A while ago, he shared a tweet which called out rappers who want to release new music this year, and implied that he would be starting a chart war with his upcoming songs. This also leaves us wondering if he falls on purpose as a marketing strategy, or if his fans are just too tired of catching him.

The rapper previously fell after a failed crowd-surf attempt at a gig in Rustenburg. According to reports, the audience just let him lay there for about 5 mins before people from his crew came to pick him up.

A fan recently shared a video of what looks to be a failed second attempt. We dont know when and where this happened but, if it is real, it think it’s about time he stopped trying. Maybe everyone isn’t complying due to the outbreak of the virus.

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