Watch AKA Talk About His Relationship With Nasty C

AKA has come a Lo g way as a rapper and met some compatriots who are themselves great rappers today, including Nasty C. But what’s his relationship like with the Zulu Man With Some Power? 

AKA detailed that and much more during a recent interview. According to the “Fela in Versace” rapper, he and Nasty C Were not that really that close. He met his compatriot when he was just a 14-year-old thirsting for exposure. The two popped on stage at the time. 

The years have passed, and a lot has changed since then. Before, Nasty C was merely a boy. Now he’s a young man, and they vibed well on their latest bop, “Lemons (Lemonade)”. The song has been a hit with South Africans, snapping over a million views on YouTube in under a week of release. 

AKA readily observed that he’d passed the era of competitiveness in music. Now he just wants to focus on creating good music for his fans. And all the distractions may as well fall behind. 

By the way, the release of “Lemons (Lemonade)” is a prelude to the unveiling of an album dubbed “Mass Country.”  You can check out the detailed interview below. 

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